Write your mother's story in one day

Write your mother's story in one day

6 hours live with Marilyn | taught by Marilyn Norry
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Marilyn Norry
Marilyn Norry
Mother of Mothers

About the Instructor

For over 30 years I've worked as an actor, writer, producer, director and editor of plays and screenplays. I've taught acting, writing, and worked with student nurses and doctors on psychiatric scenarios. And since 2004 I've worked with over 400 people helping them find and craft the story of their mother's life - not eulogies or testimonials but the truth of what their mothers lived and experienced.

I know stories - I love hearing them, writing them, telling them, living them.

The writing recipe we use in this course comes from how stories are told in plays and movies rather than in books. The family stories we access are those we heard at dinners or funerals, while doing the dishes, or in the car on long trips. We often take these stories for granted but they are the gold, the unique nuggets of life that give meaning to how we see the world. And your mother lived these stories.

By writing her story you will connect the stories and facts you know about her and see her as a human being in her time.   

You'll also connect with your family history, find your voice, and break through the unconscious bias so many hold that keeps women's lives silent, dismissed and forgotten.    

Whether you knew her or not, liked her or not, her life is a great story.

It's a natural event in human development a person in their late teens/ early twenties pull away from their parents to make their own way in the world, developing their own values, making their own choices. When this happens it's like they put everything about Mom into a box (Dad gets his box too) and they put a label on it "Sweet", "Crazy" "Drunk" "Great" and put it on a shelf. It's maybe brought down on Mother's Day or Birthdays but mostly ignored. 

In this project we are taking that box down, opening it up, sorting through the contents to see what we put in there as children, and then repacking it again. 

You will write the story of your mother's life, just the facts, from beginning to end - not your opinion of her, or your issues, or your relationship but the facts of who she was. It's another step of individuation to see her as an adult rather than hold her in your child's gaze.

All you need is the assignment and a deadline. Our writing recipe is the assignment; It's based on movies rather than books. This course will keep you on track. You will write fast and get a first draft finished today. That's your deadline. Good Luck.   


Course Contents

1 Survey
1 Multimedia
8 Texts
6.0 hrs