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Writing Women's History

Write Your Mother's Story in a community where we gather to share our experience, our writing, and to tell the stories that need to be told | taught by Marilyn Norry
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Write the story of your mother's life and build women's history

Write Your Mother's Story

Every person has a mother; every mother has a story.

By following the simple writing template in this course you will discover that everyone can tell the story of their mother - regardless how well you think you know her, what you think of your writing, or whether or not you think she had an interesting life. The story you write will be rich, entertaining and unique. I know this because I've been working with hundreds of people since 2004 and every story they've written is amazing. Your mother lived her story; all you have to do is write it down.  

This story will be in your voice but it's not about you. It's not about your relationship with your mother, or what you thought about her. This is your mother's story.

This course will use video instructions, visualizations and writing assignments to activate your memory and help you perhaps see your mother in a different light. It will give you the confidence you need to write a story you know. The writing recipe we use will expose you to the principles of good writing and you will discover ways to tell the difficult parts of her story simply and without blame or grief. You will also discover what you don't know about your mother and how to clear up some of her mystery. 

As well as building an Archive of women's history, this course is also building community. We will have regular webinars where people who are also looking at their mothers in this way can ask questions and share their stories. You will discover that what's even more amazing than writing about your mother is hearing the stories and experiences of others. 

What you do with your story is up to you - share it with friends and family, use it as the framework for a larger piece, post it in our Archive, or keep it to yourself. 

In order to maintain a safe environment for sharing, we take confidentiality seriously. Stories and discussions around them are kept private until people declare they're ready to go public. In this community we tell the facts of women's lives without judgement so we can all learn how women have lived in the past and how we can shape the lives of all children in the future.  

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Marilyn Norry
Marilyn Norry
Mother of Mothers

For over 30 years I've worked as an actor, writer, producer, director and editor of plays and screenplays. I've taught acting, writing, and worked with student nurses and doctors on psychiatric scenarios. And since 2004 I've worked with over 200 people helping them find and craft the story of their mother's life - not eulogies or testimonials but the truth of what their mothers lived and experienced.

I know stories - I love hearing them, writing them, telling them, living them.

Writing mother stories allows us to connect with our family history, find our own voice, and break through the silence around women's lives. You will discover the legacy your mother gave you through her life and the ability to pass this on to others. Whether you knew her or not, liked her or not, her life is a story.

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