Course Description

Two hours online with a cohort of students and Marilyn Norry. Get the basics of the My Mother's Story writing recipe and prime the pump of your memories and writing. 

After completing the writing exercises and sharing answers, you will be ready to write your mother's story after the class.

Take this opportunity to ask questions, share stories and find encouragement to write the story of your mother's life. 

This class is offered for free on Thursday October 15 (it is regularly priced at $40). Once you sign up, you will receive an email with Zoom link for that class. 

If you would like a class on another date, let's start a conversation on what suits you best. 

Group classes are available at a discount rate. Please contact me and we'll set something up.

Mother of Mothers

Marilyn Norry

For over 30 years I've worked as an actor, writer, producer, director and editor of plays and screenplays. I've taught acting, writing, and worked with student nurses and doctors on psychiatric scenarios. And since 2004 I've worked with over 200 people helping them find and craft the story of their mother's life - not eulogies or testimonials but the truth of what their mothers lived and experienced. I know stories - I love hearing them, writing them, telling them, living them.Writing mother stories allows us to connect with our family history, find our own voice, and break through the silence around women's lives. You will discover the legacy your mother gave you through her life and the ability to pass this on to others. Whether you knew her or not, liked her or not, her life is a story.

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